Petron’s Turbo Diesel and Diesel Max fuels now also Euro 4 compliant

Petron Euro 4 Diesel

It was only last June when Petron Corporation rolled out their full Euro 4 gasoline fuel line up. And just 4 months later, it’s now the turn of their diesels to follow suit. Meet the new and improved Petron Turbo Diesel and Petron DieselMax.

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This means Petron is at least 3 months ahead of the government’s mandate to switch from Euro 2 to Euro 4 fuels in 2016. With the launch of the newly-formulated Turbo Diesel and DieselMax, they’re also the very first oil company in the Philippines not only to offer a full Euro 4 fuel line up, but also the only ones capable of producing it locally.

Although the press release didn’t mention when or where it will be available, it’s safe to guess that Petron stations in Mega Manila will be the first to get it followed by the rest of the country.

The stricter Euro 4 emission standard limits sulfur content to only 0.005% or 50 ppm (as compared to 500 ppm with Euro 2) and only 1% of benzene by volume (5% in Euro 2), lowering harmful emissions. That translates to a huge health and environmental benefit especially with the number or vehicles we have on the road.

Aside from these advantage, Petron claims that Euro 4 diesel fuels offer better engine protection, better mileage, and better power over old Euro 2 fuels.

“We are proud that all of Petron’s Euro 4 fuels are made in the Philippines and are specially formulated to meet the unique needs of our customers. We can guarantee the quality and properties of our fuels since we produce them here, formulate them here, and test them here,” said Petron President and CEO Ramon S. Ang.