Share your best “Me and My Toyota” story to win an Apple TV

Me and My Toyota

Did you know that Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) turned 30 this year? Yes, it did. And to celebrate its birthday, the country’s biggest automaker is inviting all Toyota owners to proudly share their stories with their beloved cars online. They’ll even raffle off awesome prizes to make things more fun.

“Through the years, we have always believed in bringing you better experiences. More than just a car, we know that it’s the moments you have along the way that make the ride worthwhile.

Welcome to all the moments that have made three decades of service meaningful for us.

This is your Toyota, and these are your stories.”

TMP has created the “Me and My Toyota” page so anyone can share their timeless, unforgettable, and personal Toyota stories with the world. You can submit a photo or video of you and your Toyota vehicle, recounting your favorite Toyota moments on

(Please note that the featured car must be a local Toyota model, be it current or old.)

They’ll then select winners at random on October 25, December 20, and February 14. Although you can only win once, your entry is still eligible for all draw dates. On each raffle draw, there will be three (3) winners of Apple TVs and ten (10) SECRID Cardprotectors.

Check out all the other Toyota stories submitted from around the Philippines at Me and My Toyota.