Shell wants you to have some ‘V’ on Valentine’s Day

Shell Love My Car

No matter who you are, who you’re with, or how pathetic your love life may be, Pilipinas Shell guarantees that you’ll be getting some ‘V’ this Valentine’s Day… that is if you own a car. Because lets face it, a hunk of cold rumbling sheet metal will always feel better than a warm body between your legs.

“For us at Shell, vehicles are not just machines that bring us to our destinations, but rather they are important companions that give every motorist an exciting and memorable experience on the road. This is why we continue to share the passion of motorists in taking care of their vehicles,” said Anthony Lawrence Yam, Vice President for Retail at Pilipinas Shell.

One way of professing your love for your trusty ride is through the ‘KissCar Cam Challenge’ that runs until February 14. This turns any participating Shell station into a kissing booth where you can smooch with your 2- or 4-wheeler as much as you want. Just make sure you can keep it in your pants and you might be able to win a trip for 2 to the most romantic city in the world, Paris, France.

The only question is, who’ll be your date to Paris you lonely schmuck?

But the annual hearts day wouldn’t be complete without a healthy dose of ‘V’. Shell V-Power Nitro+ that is, because flowers are so overrated. Designed to fight gunk and corrosion, you can shove this by the load full into your beloved vehicle and it’ll love you for it. Give it the care it deserves and enjoy days, nights, weeks, months, and years of premium performance.