Suzuki’s OEM-branded ECSTAR genuine oils now available in the Philippines


In case you didn’t know, Suzuki Philippines Inc. (SPH) has been in the country for 36 long years dealing not only with sales of motorcycles and automobiles, but also of outboard motors for boats. So it’s only fitting that after 3 decades in the business, they now finally have their own OEM-branded oils sold under the name ECSTAR.

As it’s developed in-house, ECSTAR should naturally get the best performance out of every Suzuki-built engine. Not only that, its synthetic base oil additives make ECSTAR superior over ‘normal’ engine oils in terms of friction characteristics, engine detergency, and thermostability. Thus, Suzuki’s home brew lubricant claims up to 5% in FUEL SAVINGS, OUTSTANDING ENGINE PROTECTION even when starting in cold climates, and CLEAN ENGINE FOR LONGER LIFE by preventing sludge and deposits.

What’s even more remarkable is how ECSTAR offers all these benefits yet is able to keep a balance between performance and cost.

ECSTAR Fully Synthetic F9000 0W20 is their automobile engine oil that’s packed with ultra-high, fuel-efficient, and fully synthetic technology. It’s suited for Suzuki gasoline engines and is currently available at P520 per liter. There’s also a Semi Synthetic F7000 5W30 option priced at only P390 per liter.

ECSTAR Fully Synthetic R9000 10W40 MA2, on the other hand, is their motorcycle engine oil fit for big bikes, backbone, and underbones that’s priced at P550. A more affordable alternative is the ECSTAR Mineral R5000 10W40 MA, which can also be used on scooters, at P190 per lister. The ECSTAR R5000 10W40 MB, on the other hand, is scooter-specific that retails at P290 per liter.

Lastly, their marine outboard motor engine oil is the ECSTAR Fully Synthetic 10W40 4T priced at P395.

All ECSTAR genuine oils are now available in all Suzuki Authorized Dealerships nationwide.