TESDA-Petron Car Care Center now offer automotive servicing courses in Taguig


Perhaps you’d agree with us that there is a NEED for skilled mechanics in the Philippines. More specifically, personnel who underwent formal training as opposed to those who are ‘self-taught’. The answer to this is the newly-inaugurated TESDA-Petron Car Care Center (CCC) that now offers automotive servicing courses to qualified individuals.

The project is a partnership between TESDA and Petron to generate employment opportunities. What’s good is that the training modules are suited for Petron’s specific needs, so that enrollees can later be TESDA-certified mechanics and work at Petron CCCs or Lube Bays. The new training facility is equipped with a full car repair set-up patterned after a Petron Car Care Center (CCC) and is expected to produce 100 graduates per year.

“We want this to be a venue where our countrymen will come out more capable, more experienced, and more empowered to lead better lives. We want them to have not only the proper skills but also the confidence to support their families and chase after bigger dreams. With this project, we hope to impart not only the Petron brand of excellence but also our commitment to fueling hope and success,” said Petron General Manager Lubin B. Nepomuceno.

“TESDA, in cooperation with Petron will be offering a Preventive Maintenance Servicing Program. The training design will not be confined to the skills and regulations reflected in the various NC levels but would more offer a more comprehensive curriculum that are industry-driven. The target is to accept trainees as early as August 2022 and to produce 25 graduates for the year. In the future, the facility is expected to produce 100 graduates annually,” shared TESDA Secretary Isidro S. Lapeña.

With around 50 branches nationwide, the Petron Car Care Center and its scaled down version, Car Care Center Express offer affordable yet casa-quality preventive maintenance services by well-trained mechanics.