Total will get new gas stations thanks to a “joint venture” with Filoil

Total Filoil

As of this writing, Total Philippines has exactly 206 service stations scattered around the Luzon and Visayas region. But come late this year, that number is expected to shoot up to 442 thanks to their new joint venture with Filoil.

This partnership will “create a marketing company and a logistics company” according to the press release and focuses on the fuel sales side of the business. From the looks of things, Total will take care of the marketing side with their operational expertise, while Filoil will offer their decade-long experience in logistics. Together, they hope to propel both company’s growth in the Philippine market

“This joint venture will allow us to provide quality fuels and services to more Filipinos. We see a huge potential in the Philippine market and we are keen to capture this growth,” said Total Philippines Managing Director Dilip Vaswani.

Meanwhile, Raffy Villavicencio CEO for Filoil Energy Company had this to say: “Leveraging the logistics assets and local knowledge that Filoil brings to the partnership with the strength of the global brand and expertise of Total, creates a force for good that will allow us to serve more customers across the country.”

If you read more carefully, it appears to be that all Filoil service stations will be rebranded as Total based on what the 2 company executives have to say. Doing the math, add Total’s existing 206 service stations to Filoil’s 236 retail stations in the country equals… 442.

We guess that’s the 442 stations Total Philippines was referring to as part of their “growth.” And what this happens, it will bump up their retail market share from 3% to 6%.