Uber Ang Pao will let you send P100 coupons to celebrate Chinese New Year

Uber Ang Pao

Gong Xi Fa Chai! Ridesharing app Uber want us all to have a very happy Chinese New Year. So, they came up with ‘Uber Ang Pao’ that will let us send free rides to our friends and family.

It’s a Chinese tradition to give an Ang Pao (which literally translates as ‘red envelope’) as a gift during special occasions. In this case, Chinese New Year. And yes, there’s supposed to be money inside. Uber’s version, on the other hand, allows Uber riders to send digital Ang Paos through the app for FREE. This then gives the recipient a P100 discount on their next Uber ride.


Uber Ang Pao is made available in 9 countries in the Asia Pacific region including the Philippines. App users can begin sending Ang Paos now, which can then be used in Manila and Cebu on January 28 and 29. You can also send as many Uber Ang Paos as you want, each one customized with any of the 5 Chinese symbols (Fortune, Prosperity, Longevity, Happiness, and Wealth) and sent with your personal message.

Uber Ang Pao

While there’s no limit as to how many you can send, each Uber rider can only receive an Ang Pao once.

Begin sending Uber Ang Paos at uberhongbao.com.