UberCHOPPER to offer free rides around Metro Manila

Uber Chopper

Those familiar with Uber’s services should be well-acquainted with UberX and the more premium Uber Black. But this coming Saturday, don’t be too surprised when the app shows a new option called ‘UberCHOPPER’ which, to our delight, will be offered for free.

As the name suggests, UberCHOPPER will employ a helicopter to bring people around Metro Manila instead of the usual 4-wheeled sedan, MPV, or SUV. That’s a Robinson R44 4-seat light helicopter for you geeks – supplied by Airtrav Inc. who regularly operates chartered services in the Philippines. The service, however, won’t be able to bring passengers to specific destinations. Instead, it’ll be a 10 minute aerial tour of the capital (not that we’re complaining).

So, how do you score a free ride on UberCHOPPER?

On November 21, 2015 (Saturday), open the Uber app from 8:00AM to 10:00AM and select the ‘UberCHOPPER’ option. Set your pick-up location and book a ride. If it works, an Uber Black will be sent to your location to bring you to the helipad for a once in a lifetime experience on board an UberCHOPPER. Then, an Uber Black will take you back home once it’s over.

But here’s the best part. You’ll be allowed to bring 2 of your friends along for the ride as long as all fliers are a) at least 18 years or older and b) Filipino citizens. Just make sure that everyone brings a Philippine government-issued ID indicating the holder’s date of birth.

Obviously, demand for UberCHOPPER this Saturday will be off the charts and supply will be very very limited. So, please be patient and try booking a ride until you succeed.

Good luck!

Uber Manila has not announced whether UberCHOPPER will become a permanent service offered here in the Philippines, but who cares. We won’t be able to afford it anyway if it ever does, especially when there’s price surge.

The Uber app is free to download on Google Play and iTunes.