Unioil wants us all to ‘Do Our Part’ in keeping the environment clean


Ironic, isn’t it. How can an oil company, the one who makes it possible for our gas guzzlers to run, also be an advocate for a cleaner environment? It just doesn’t work that way, right? Well, maybe it does for Unioil Petroleum Philippines Inc.

These guys recently launched a campaign named ‘Doing Our Part’ which encourages Filipinos to make small, conscious, and responsible decisions that make a difference. Examples are car pooling, driving more economically, and filling up on Unioil’s Euro 5-compliant fuels. *Insert sales pitch here* But it’s not all about making a sale. Unioil also wants us to do little things like helping the community, recycling, and even something as simple as being nice to other people.

“People are now becoming conscious about their actions and how it affects society. With our latest campaign, we want to encourage Filipinos to make small yet meaningful decisions that can leave positive and lasting impact to the community,” said Janice Co Roxas-Chua, Chief Financial Officer of Unioil Petroleum Philippines.


For their part, Unioil is working on several projects to reduce the carbon footprint of their operations.

They now have a ‘Hybrid’ station that utilizes solar energy for electricity. Smartflower provides this tech and their panels are able to track the sun, increasing efficiency by as much as 40% than conventional solar panels. Unioil also works with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to put sensors in select locations that monitor air quality.

What really caught us by surprise, however, is their investment on electric vehicle charging.

Unioil understands that the future of the automobile is electric. That’s why they’ve now installed an EV charger in one of their stations as a test. And when the country switches from driving on fossil fuels to electric, they’ll be fully equipped to put up even more EV stations.

But for now, Unioil’s main business remain to be fuels, which have all been recently upgraded to Euro 5 standard at no extra cost. This means they have the cleanest range of fuels that have 5x less sulfur content and provide up to 77% less emissions compared to Euro 4 fuels.