Why is there a Ford GT page in Ford Philippines’ website?

Ford GT

The GT40 went down in history as Ford’s middle finger to Enzo Ferrari, taking the top 3 spots at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in ’66. 50 years later, the blue oval brand is hoping for a repeat with the third iteration of the legendary icon.

Ford’s new supercar is a modern interpretation of the Le Mans-winning GT40 – trading analogue for digital, aluminum for carbon fiber, cut-out doors for upward-swinging ones, and naturally-aspirated for turbo power. But staying true to its roots, it will be a strict 2-seater coupe, feature rear-wheel-drive, and have the engine mounted at the back. More specifically, it’ll be a 3.5L twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 with “more than 600 horsepower.”

Production is set to start in late 2016 and Ford is only said to produce 250 examples each year. And when they do reach the showroom floor, a brand new Ford GT will carry a price tag of around $400,000 (or P19-million).

That’s Lamborghini Aventador territory in case you didn’t know.

Although we’re quite sure that a handful will eventually reach our shores via grey importers, it makes us wonder why the hell is the all-new 2017 Ford GT listed on Ford Philippines website (see link). We stumbled upon the page a week ago where the Ferrari-fighter is listed under ‘Performance Cars’ together with the all-new Mustang.

To satisfy our curiosity, we asked them and this was their reply.

“We are confirming that the Ford GT will be offered in the Philippine market. Timing, pricing, and other details will be disclosed closer to the launch.” – Joseph Ayllon, Ford Philippines AVP-Communications


With all the shitstorm that’s happening in our country, we Filipinos are well-too-familiar with the line “This is why we can’t have nice things.” But Ford Philippines thinks otherwise. They believe we CAN have nice things. We can have Ford GTs on our roads.