Time Attack Manila

An emotional take on Winds Formula Philippines’ 2013 season

Winds Formula Philippines 2013

With today’s technology, just about anyone with a camera can make a video. But it takes sheer talent to capture emotion. And one man who has no shortage in talent is Steven Flor, who squeezed Winds Formula Philippines’ 2013 season finale into 5-minutes of glory. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because this professional videographer […]

Ken Okuyama builds his take on the ultimate lightweight sports car

Ken Okuyama

Ken Okuyama definitely has an eye for art. The man’s resume include posts as Senior Designer at Porsche and Design Director at Pininfarina, creating works such as the Ferrari Enzo. But it’s only when he works in his own design studio does Ken’s true genius shine. This is Ken’s interpretation of the ultimate lightweight sports […]