Time Attack Manila

Privacy Policy

Time Attack Manila respects the confidentiality of personal data collected from its visitors on the website. We are the sole owner of the information and shall not sell this information to other parties in any way. This privacy policy lists how we collect, use, and protect the personal information collected through this website.

Time Attack Manila may collect information from its visitors directly, from hosting servers, or from cookies.

Information provided directly by visitors is data submitted personally by the visitor to access a service provided by Time Attack Manila, which may include your name, e-mail, and other personal data. And like other websites, information from hosting services are data collected by our servers such as IP address, time, and location where it was accessed, and visitor demographic. Time Attack Manila may also use cookies to store and track personal preferences when visiting our website so that we may offer visitors a personalized service.

Time Attack Manila allows ad networks to serve advertisements within the website. These third-party providers may collect other information from visitors, such as IP addresses and cookies, to measure the effectiveness of their ad campaigns and customize the published advertising content. However, TimeAttackManila does not provide any personal information to these third-party providers, or any external parties, without visitor’s consent.

Information collected from visitors may be used for, but not limited to, the following purposes:

  • Save user preferences
  • Personalize services we offer to users and to check their identity
  • Monitor site traffic and performance

Time Attack Manila will never ask for passwords of user accounts through any means of communication. We strongly advise users not to give their passwords to anyone, and to remember to sign out of their account after use of the website’s services.

Although Time Attack Manila does its best to protect your personal data, we cannot fully guarantee its safety. Thus, visitors should exercise due caution when providing their personal information and be responsible for the safekeeping of their usernames and passwords.