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Michelin’s new Primacy SUV tire promises smoother, safer drives

Michelin Primacy SUV

There’s an ever-growing market for SUVs – a market that Michelin Philippines hope that someday will all roll on their new tire called “Primacy SUV.” Designed specifically for the Asia Pacific’s extreme road and weather conditions, its main selling-point is that it’s big on SAFETY. It aims to solve the problem why an SUV is […]

How many Montero Sport units did Mitsubishi sell last January?

Montero Sport

Here’s a huge middle finger to all those who believe in the Montero Sport’s alleged “Sudden Unintended Acceleration” (SUA) cases. In January 2016, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. (MMPC) successfully sold 806 units of the all-new Montero Sport on its very first month in the market. Hooray! But what’s even more fascinating was how the old(er) […]