Driven Steering Wheels find a new distributor in the Philippines

Driven Steering Wheels

The American brand Driven was founded in 2013, by racers for racers, with the goal of offering “quality and affordable steering wheels.” Now, their steering wheels and harnesses are made available in the Philippines through its local distributor, Runstop PH.

Officially approved by NASCAR, Driven steering wheels are used by young guns and veterans alike in stock car teams. Their increasing popularity has spread to rallycross, IMSA, and SCCA. More and more American professional and amateur road racers are using them with great reviews, testifying that the steering wheels retain their grip under prolonged use. They look striking and feel great—and for the quality, they’re also relatively budget-friendly.

As of the moment, Driven’s locally-available line-up includes 2 steering wheel models and 1 racing harness.

Driven Steering Wheels

Driven’s 13.5-inch Deep Dish steering wheel (P8,500) is ultra-lightweight at 2.35 lbs (1.07 kg) with an aluminum core. Its depth measures to 3.5 in (89 mm). The black suede is accentuated by red stitching throughout the wheel. At the top lies an embroidered DRIVEN logo—also laser-engraved on a spoke. The red center marker helps for quick and accurate wheel alignment, and the brushed metal texture adds a nice touch.

Meanwhile, the 12.9-inch Circuit ultra-lightweight steering wheel (P8,500) with an aluminum core weighs in at a mere 1.95 lbs (0.88 kg). The dish is flat/flush, and the finger indentation on the wheel adds to driver comfort. It carries the same red center marker at the top, as well as the brand’s logo—this time embroidered at the bottom. Again, the steering wheel is black with red stitching. The brushed texture carries over.

Driven Steering Wheels

Driven was created by Zack Skolnick, a young racer turned entrepreneur. His aim was to provide an alternative to your typical go-to manufacturers for parts. Driven’s products have proven as durable, functional, and visually appealing as what’s offered by top industry leaders. However, they are relatively more affordable—something valued by up-and-coming racers and leisurely track day drivers. Skolnick empathizes with the demands of competitive driving including the struggles of funding, because he’s been there with you.

About making their products available to our country Skolnick says, “We are excited in reaching the international market in an only 2-year-old business. By entering the Philippines, it will be a great launch into the Asian market.”

Driven wheels and harnesses are available through Runstop PH dealers such as Speedlab, JDM Select, RPM Trading, Jp Wheels, and Garage One.

For more info, visit the Driven PH Facebook page.

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