So… Tamiya is building a new P1.5B factory in Cebu


In the odd case that you still do not know, Tamiya has a factory here in the Philippines particularly located in the Mactan Process Zone in Cebu. It’s been around since 1994, which we’ve had the privilege to visit a couple years ago. Now, we’ve learned that Tamiya of Japan is pouring another P1.5 billion to build a new facility inside the Cebu Light Industrial Park.

The current factory designs, manufacturers, and packages kits inside a 40,000 sq. meter facility and employ more than 1,000 people. However, some sources say that their lease for has now ended prompting the company to move to a new location.

Breaking ground in March 2022, it’s said that the new factory is projected to increase output by 5% over 3 years while expanding overall capacity by 20%.

While most Tamiya boxes say ‘Made in the Philippines’, in reality Tamiya Philippines Inc. does not and cannot sell directly to the local market. It’s production is for export markets only worth US$23 million per year. 65% of that goes to Japan, 12% to America, 10% to Germany, 7% to the UK, 2% to Thailand, 2% to Hong Kong, and the rest of the world taking up the other 4%.

As disappointing as this may be, we’re just happy with the fact that our beloved Tamiya brand are proudly Philippin- made and provides opportunities to our fellow countrymen.

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