Microtex lists 5 Best Car Care Gifts this holiday for under P600

Microtex Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is only a few days away. And chances are, you still need to buy some last-minute gifts for your friends, family, colleagues, or even yourself. Luckily, the guys from Microtex Philippines (MTX) has put together a simple holiday gift guide that will suit ANY CAR PERSON in your life.

That means this list fits all genders, not just car enthusiasts, for as long as they own a car, and a car they want to keep looking like new. Here are some great, tasteful care care items for under P600.

1MTX Ultimate Duster (P199.75 Small | P549.75 Big)

Microtex Holiday Gift Guide

Listen, please stop using feather dusters. It’s a car, not a piece of furniture. What you should be using instead is a MTX Ultimate Duster, which is now the easiest way to keep your sedan, SUV, or pickup looking like new. Its specially-treated cotton fibers allows the Ultimate Duster to easily pick up dust without scratching surfaces and can be used hundreds, if not thousands of times.

2MTX Ultimate Cleaning Cloth Prokit-2 (P549.75)

Microtex Holiday Gift Guide

Did you know that not all microfiber cloths are the same? The Prokit-2 comes with three (3) MTX Ultimate Cleaning Cloths, each with a specific application. Chamois is best for drying and absorbs water up to 7x of its own weight. Ultra is used for the interior, which attracts dirt with its unique micro-structure weave. Then there’s Ultra Plush that’s excellent for waxing and buffing.

3Car Shampoo 1L + Wash Pad + Chamois Microfiber Cloth (P579.25)

Microtex Holiday Gift Guide

This is the perfect gift for those who enjoy cleaning their car on weekends. The package includes an MTX Car Shampoo that won’t strip wax and a matching fluffy Wash Pad so they don’t scratch the paint… unlike a sponge. It also comes with a Chamois to dry their car afterwards with ease.

4Tire Black 250mL + NanoSliq 500mL + Sunshield 500mL (P559.25)

Microtex Holiday Gift Guide

Here’s your first step into auto detailing. Make every surface look like new from the tires, the paint, and every nook and cranny on the interior. MTX’s Tire Black is formulated with a conditioner that keeps tires from ageing, while leaving a deep black and non-greasy finish. Meanwhile, NanoSliq is a spray detailer that will add an instant shine and deep gloss finish. Sunshield, on the other hand, will renew and revitalize dashboards and panels.

5Glaz Stainzout 70mL + Glaz Stain Guard 70mL + Ultra Microfiber Cloth (P589.25)

Get a crystal clear view of the road with Glaz’s 2-step treatment. Stainz’ Out is a heavy duty stripper (not that kind of stripper) and will remove stains and oil films from your windshield. Then, apply Stain Guard to make it hydrophobic, which is a fancy word that means it’ll repel water, thus improve visibility in the rain. The kit also comes with an Ultra microfiber cloth for the 2-step process.

MTX products are available at select Blade Auto Center, True Value, Handyman, DIY Hardware, ACE Hardware, and other hardware stores/supermarket outlets nationwide. For more info, visit the Microtex Philippines page on Facebook.