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Nissan Ph publishes complete mechanics of GT Academy 2015

Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI) has already began the search for the 2015 Nissan GT Academy Champion. But even if we already have the LIVE Recruitment Schedule and FAQs, surely there are still some of you who want to know the complete mechanics.

Here is it is, and hopefully it’s able to answer all your questions.

Good luck!


Nissan Philippines, Inc. brings the GT Academy to the Philippines, a first-of-its-kind competition that pits the best Gran Turismo players (the “Players”) in the country in a race for the ultimate dream – to become a real-life racing driver for Nissan.

Nissan GT Academy takes six (6) skilled Gran Turismo Players and gives them a chance to become professional racers in four stages.

First Gear: The Recruitment (April – June, 2015)
Thousands of hopefuls will be narrowed down to the Top 20 Players determined during all live events. Time trials will take place behind the wheel of Nissan gaming pods.

Second Gear: National Finals (July 10-11, 2015)
From the Top 20 Players, the National Finals will trim down the competition to the Top 6 Filipino Players based on their performance during challenges and tests. The Top 6 Filipino Players who qualify for the next round will go bumper-to-bumper with the best Gran Turismo drivers in Asia during the Race Camp Week.

Third Gear: Race Camp Week (August 21-30, 2015)
The Players will be tested on their strength, stamina, mental agility and driving skills against Asia’s best at the Silverstone Racing Circuit in UK.

Fourth Gear: Driver Development Program
The emerging GT Academy Champion in Asia will join other GT Academy winners in a rigorous training under the wing of professional coaches and racers at the Silverstone Racing Circuit in UK.

To join, Players must participate in the Live Events (see schedule here).

Various publicly accessible events will take place from April to June 2015 (“Entry Period”), allowing members of the public to participate in live gaming competitions (“Live Event”) in order to qualify for the National Finals.

At each Live Event, Players will be invited to take part in a virtual race on Gran Turismo 6 (“Game”) using Nissan gaming pods. Players will run five (5) laps or five minutes (whichever comes first) on the Silverstone Circuit (“Track”) using a Nissan GT-R (“Car”). Their fastest lap time will be recorded.

Players cannot change nor customize the Track and the Car, and all player settings will be set at default.

The twenty (20) Players who achieve the best performances during the Live Events (“Qualifying Players”) will be invited to compete at the National Finals.

Nissan reserves the right to disqualify Players for unsportsmanlike conduct. Players who are caught cheating by any means, including cutting corners and exploiting glitches or any other unintended functionality in the Live Event, will be disqualified.

The decision of Nissan and/or that of the judge(s), as the case may be is/are final and no appeal thereof may be made.

GT Academy 2015 is open to residents of the Philippines who fulfill the entry criteria described below, except employees, agents, contractors or consultants of Nissan, their families, associated companies and anyone professionally connected with the competition.

In order to qualify, Players must:

  1. Be aged 18 years or over on the date of the National Finals. Participants of the Live Events below 18 years of age will not qualify for the National Finals.
  2. Hold a valid Philippine passport and be capable of obtaining the appropriate visa to enter the country hosting the Race Camp Prize.
  3. Hold a valid Driver’s license with Restriction Codes either 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8, issued by the Land Transportation Office in the Philippines.
  4. Have not been convicted of any criminal offense or is the subject of or a part to a criminal, civil or administrative proceeding as a party litigant.
  5. Be in good general health, physically and mentally. All Players will be required to complete a medical questionnaire and shall be required to sign a “Participation Agreement”, and return such signed Participation Agreement to Nissan Philippines, Inc. Nissan reserves the right to disqualify any Player who fails to comply with this requirement at any stage of the Competition, or who, Nissan reasonably considers (based on the contents of the medical questionnaire), has a physical or mental condition which would make them unsuitable to participate in any part of the GT Academy 2015 or Race Camp Prize or could prevent the Entrant from holding a competition license for motorsports.
  6. Not have an existing competition driving contract with any motor sports team, body, agent or management company that conflicts with his/her ability to accept the Race Camp Prize.
  7. Not previously held a National A or superior MSA license or equivalent in another Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) recognized National Sporting Authority (ASN) or internationally or locally recognized motorsport body.
  8. Not have competed in any form of 4 wheeled motorsport at a national championship level for more than one full season (the Promoter reserves the right to judge what classifies as national level motorsport).
  9. Not have previously or concurrently competed at the GT Academy Race Camp stage (or equivalent or similar stages) in any previous GT Academy competition or GT Academy competition held in different countries.

By entering the GT Academy2015 season, each Player promises he/she fulfills the above entry requirements. Nissan reserves the right to verify the eligibility of Players at any time during the Competition or the Race Camp, which shall include but is not limited to requesting copies of passports, Driver’s licenses, government issued IDs, competent proof of identity and proof of residence or nationality and by requesting that the Player undergo a medical examination.

Failure to comply or pass any verification procedure undertaken by Nissan will result in the immediate disqualification of the Player from the Competition and/or forfeiture of the Race Camp Prize. In the event of any dispute concerning the eligibility of the Player to participate in any stage of the Competition, Nissan decision shall be final and no appeal thereof may be made.

Players advancing to the National Finals and beyond may not be eligible to enter any future GT Academy competition.



  1. All Qualifying Entrants Players will be contacted by Nissan Philippines, Inc. through the contact details submitted by the Entrant Player at the time of entry to a Live Event, as soon as practicable after the end of the Entry Period, and invited to take part in the National Finals.
  2. Each Qualifying Entrant Player will receive an SMS, call, email and registered mail and they must claim their place in the National Finals by SMS, call, email and registered mail within three (3) days from receipt of notification letter, or they will cease to be a Qualifying Entrant Player in concurrence with DTI.
  3. Each qualifying player must submit their passport and NBI clearance to Nissan three (3) days before the National Finals to ensure that all qualifying players will have the capacity to participate in the Race Camp Week. Failure to submit the aforementioned requirements will lead to the Player’s disqualification in concurrence with DTI.
  4. The substitute Entrant Player shall be chosen from those pool of Players who achieved the next best performance in the Live Events; and Nissan shall repeat this process until the number of Entrants required to participate in the National Finals is reached.
  5. National Finals will be an event that will take place in a location, date and time to be identified by Nissan and shared to the Qualifying Entrants / Players by email and registered mail at least five (5) days before the National Finals take place. It is intended that the National Finals will take place during June or July 30, 2015, at the Clark International Speedway or Subic Bay International Airport; Nissan will provide overnight accommodations for Qualifying Entrants Players if the National Finals takes place over more than one (1) day. Qualifying Entrants will otherwise shall be responsible for any expenses they incurred in attending the National Finals (such as, but not limited to e.g. travel and food expenses).
  6. Prior to the start of the National Finals, Qualifying Entrants / Players may be invited to provide videos that may be used in any GT Academy Program. Each Qualifying Entrant / Player grants to Nissan Philippines, Inc,. a worldwide non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use such videos, regardless of how they are provided, for promotional purposes and for all the purposes related to the GT Academy 2015 and/or the Gran Turismo series of games, in perpetuity, across all media including any online platforms under Nissan Philippines, Inc.’s control. Such videos must not contain any pornography, nudity, or sexually explicit imagery; abusive, offensive or hateful imagery or language; harassing or defamatory content; content that compromises the privacy or safety of yourself the Qualifying Player or others; content that demeans a particular gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, ethnicity or nationality; violent or dangerous behavior; and/or spam, advertising or other commercial activities.


  1. GT Academy 2015 is being held simultaneously in the Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and, India during the Entry Period (each called a “Territorial Competition”).
  2. The National Finals Winners from the aforementioned the Philippines countries will be notified by Nissan Philippines, Inc. via SMS, call, e-mail and a registered mail provided by them in the Participation Agreement, as soon as practicable after all competitions have taken place, and invited to take part in the Race Camp, a residential “GT Academy Race Camp” event (which may be up to 10 days in duration), together with winners from the Territorial Competitions, . The GT Academy Race Camp which will take place at Silverstone England UK (or any other European venue, as Nissan may select at its sole discretion) at a date and time to be selected by the Nissan at its sole discretion.
  3. Philippine National Finals Winners will be informed of the date, time and venue of the Race Camp at least thirty (30) days before the Race Camp Prize takes place.
  4. Philippine National Finals Winners will receive an SMS, call, email, and registered mail confirming their eligibility to the Race Camp Week and must confirm their participation the Race Camp Week within four (4) days from the receipt of the notification letter.
  5. In the event that a Philippine National Finals Winner does not wish to continue participating in the Competition, or fails to claim their place and confirm their participation their in the Race Camp Prize within the relevant deadline, or is disqualified from the Competition in accordance with these Terms or for failure to comply with these Terms, Nissan Philippines, Inc., in concurrence with DTI may at its discretion, select a substitute Qualifying Entrant Player to become a Philippine National Finals Winner. Such substitute Qualifying Entrant Player should have participated in the Philippine National Finals and shall have achieved the next best overall performance in the challenges and assessments in the Philippine National Finals.
  6. The following shall be arranged for each Philippine National Finals Winner: (a) Economy class flight from Manila to London and vice versa; (b) Assistance and cost of getting the appropriate visa to United Kingdom; (c) Transfers to and from the Race Camp start and end locations to and from the relevant airport, train or coach station (as the case may be); (d) On site accommodation at the Race Camp; and (e) Meals and refreshments during the Race Camp Event.
  7. Philippine National Final Winners are responsible for any expenses they incur in attending the Race Camp, which are not included and specified in Rule 6. Securing travel documents and other related expenses shall be shouldered by the winner. (i.e. health insurance, terminal fees, transpo, and etc).
  8. Philippine National Finals Winners shall be responsible for such costs for their transportation to and from their homes and the international airport in the Philippines. Philippine National Finals Winners are strongly recommended to secure up-to-date health card and travel insurance at the Philippine National Final Winner’s own cost.
  9. During the Race Camp, Philippine National Finals Winners will be tested on their strength, stamina, mental agility and driving skills against Asia’s Best at the Silverstone Racing Circuit in United Kingdom.

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