Phoenix PULSE get celebrities to race in their Young Drivers’ Program

Celebrity Showdown

Now on its third year, the Phoenix PULSE Young Drivers’ Program (YDP) is again on the hunt for future racing champions in the Philippines. And to get the ball rolling this 2021, they’re kicking things off with a ‘Celebrity Showdown’ this June.

The series will be organized in partnership with Tuason Racing and follow the adventures of eight (8) celebrities as they go through a mix of online and on-track activities. While they didn’t list down what the said activities will be, our best guess is that the eSports segment will be a rerun of the format used in the Formula V1 Virtual Cup. The on-track events, on the other hand, could be a mix of circuit training sessions, slalom competitions, time trials, and grid races.

Note that this will be a “show” and run over the course of 5 consecutive weeks starting this Friday, 11th of June 2021. Each episode will then be broadcasted over Phoenix Petroleum’s Facebook page and promises “pulse-racing action, drama, and more” as these “celebrities” prove that they deserve to be part of the Phoenix PULSE Racing Team.

Sounds exciting.

Celebrity Showdown

“Phoenix has always been a dynamic Filipino brand eager to empower local talents. As a homegrown business that has become a formidable multi-industry brand, we want to harness our platform and invest resources to replicate in others the same growth that we have achieved,” said Celina Matias, Vice President for Integrated Marketing and Strategies.

“We’ve been a fervent supporter of the Philippine racing industry, and not even the pandemic has been able to stop us from sustaining this cause. This year is no different as we adapt this project to current realities, while also making it more exciting than before.”

We’re really not into show business, so we have no clue who these “celebrities” are, but maybe you guys could spot some familiar names. The line-up consists of actor/heartthrob Marco Gumabao, Miss World Philippines 2019 Michelle Dee, tween actor Joshua Dionisio, hotshot influencer Kim Baranda, actor and Hashtag member Vitto Marquez, Tiktok star Simon Javier, popular gamer-streamer Cherizawa, and actress and TV Host Patricia Reyes.

The Phoenix PULSE Young Drivers’ Program-Celebrity Showdown is made possible through Phoenix Petroleum, LIMITLESS, FamilyMart, GITI-Philippines, in cooperation with Clark International Speedway, and Apex Sim Racing, with special thanks to Peugeot Philippines and Tuason Racing.