Toyota Ph dealerships to begin accepting reservations for 2022 all-new Avanza


For those looking for a value-for-money 7-seat compact multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), then you should consider the all-new Avanza. Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has confirmed that the 3rd generation model is on its way into the country and dealers will be accepting reservations by March 1.

While TMP is mum on the local specs of the all-new Avanza, what we do know is that it’s based on a completely new monocoque platform. It’s also bigger in all dimensions – 205 mm longer and 70 mm wider to be exact with its wheelbase stretched by 95 mm. That means there’s more space for passengers, cargo, or both.

We’re expecting it to come with updated versions of the 1.3L 1NR-VE and 1.5L 2NR-VE engines carried over from the previous models, which gets a 2 hp power bump. But that’s IF we’re getting the same engine specs as our ASEAN counterparts. A split-gear CVT should also replace the old 4-speed automatic, while a 5-speed manual still seems to be standard for the lower models.

One big change is that the 2022 all-new Avanza is now front-wheel-drive as opposed to the previous generations that were all rear-wheel-drive. The advantage this layout offers is that there’s less mechanical parts that send the power to the back, which also happens to take up cabin space because of the transmission tunnel.

We’ve been told that the 2022 all-new Avanza will be available in 4 grades and 5 colors to choose from, with prices starting at P813,000. It will be officially launched on March 7 and should be available at local Toyota dealerships at the same time.