3 no-brainer reasons to gas up with Petron’s new Tri-Activ fuels

Petron Tri Activ

Remember when Petron switched their entire fuel line-up to Euro 4 ahead of everyone else? That was last year. Now, they’ve now made them even better with a technology they call ‘Tri-Activ’.

This new blend is – according to Petron – is “uniquely formulated to meet Philippine driving conditions” and “cater to the need of Filipino motorists.” And they’ve done it with advanced additives that deliver ‘Tri-Activ’ performance benefits. That’s right, ‘tri’ stands for 3, because it gives driving folks like us 3 advantages on the road.

1Better engine protection for longer engine life

Petron Tri-Activ keep your engine clean and efficient due to lesser carbon deposits that can clog injectors.

2Better mileage for longer drives

Petron Tri-Activ allow for improved fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs.

3Better power.

Petron Tri-Activ is packed with an advanced detergent, combustion improver, and friction modifier additives.

Mind you, Petron’s Tri-Activ fuels likewise deliver the same performance benefits even for non-Euro 4 engines. Not bad, specially when it’s available with Petron gasoline and diesel fuels at no extra cost – making it a no-brainer to fill up at Petron.

Now available at 2,200 Petron service stations nationwide, Petron Tri-Activ fuels include Petron Blaze (100 RON), Petron XCS (95 RON), Petron Xtra Advance (93 RON), Petron Super Gasoline (91 RON), Petron Turbo Diesel, and Petron Diesel Max.