BluEarth Ace AE50 is Yokohama’s new fuel-saving, wet weather tire

Yokohama BluEarth

Japanese tire manufacturer Yokohama has been busy working on a new tread to provide a quiet comfortable ride, fuel-saving performance, and excellent grip on wet surfaces. They call it ‘BluEarth Ace AE50’ and it’s now here thanks to Yokohama Tire Sales Philippines, Inc.

BluEarth Ace AE50 features several new technologies to help it do its job.

It has an Asymmetric Tread Pattern to improve stability when cornering and suppress uneven wear, Dimpled Shoulders to reduce tire air resistance and improve fuel efficiency, and something they call ‘Noise-Controlled Pitch’ that makes it run quieter. The BluEarth Ace AE50 compound also employs new tech and manufacturing methods that gives a good balance of fuel efficiency, grip, and wear resistance. But for its excellent wet weather handling, Yokohama gave it ‘Lightning Grooves’ which are big and small lightning-shaped channels that increases the amount of water it can displace while improving the block’s rigidity.

BluEarth Ace AE50 is designed for large sedans and hybrid vehicles and is available for 16, 17, and 18 inch tire sizes. It replaces C.drive2, which was Yokohama’s first fuel-saving eco-tire in the Philippines, and complements BluEarth AE01 which is suited for smaller passenger cars.

Designed with Yokohama’s ‘BluEarth’ engineering concept, this tire is supposed to deliver driving pleasure while reducing its environmental impact.