BYD begins selling cars with FREE 5-year Preventive Maintenance Service

BYD 5 Year PMS

What does Mazda, SsangYong, and Hyundai all have in common? Of all the brands to choose from in the Philippines, they’re some of the first to offer Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) as part of the package whenever you buy a brand new car. And the latest to join the exclusive club is BYD.

Yup, the regular 10,000 km or 6 month check up (whichever comes first) is now FREE for all privileged owners of the all-new (and yet-to-be-launched) BYD S1 subcompact crossover and BYD S7 SUV. This includes parts such as the oil filter, drain plug washer, gasket, brake cleaner, as well as 4L of engine oil, free-of-charge for a full 5-years.

Imagine that. Imagine just how much money you’ll save just on maintenance. That’s on top of BYD’s 5-year warranty, giving their customers a real worry-free ownership experience.

The 5-year PMS program covers all S1 and S7 units sold from the 29th of July 2017 onwards. But it’s also available to all BYD models and BYD vehicles sold before the program was launch… for a fee.

It’ll cost P80,000 for the BYD F0 and P100,000 for the BYD S6 and all S7’s bought before the said date. However, F0’s sold after July 29 can avail of the program for a discounted rate of P50,000.

That’s a really nice gesture from the brand’s distributor, SOLAR Transport and Automotive Resources Corp. (STAR Corp.), who are genuine good guys that only want to provide great customer service. Hopefully, this convinces more car buyers to switch to the brand.

“BYD Philippines has one of the best service centers with the best auto mechanics. All our customers are happy and satisfied with their BYD vehicles. We have also gained the confidence of company fleets such as Philip Morris and Pepsi Cola, who trust us to repair their non-BYD vehicles,” said Mark Andrew Tieng, STAR Corp. Managing Director.

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