Michelin LTX Force offers the best on- and off-road performance for your SUV

Michelin LTX Force

The whole point of buying an SUV is so that you can use it both on- and off-road. Drive it to the office during the workweek and take it out on the trail on the weekend. Sounds perfect, right? But while your rig can easily take on both, most tires cannot. It’ll be a compromise between street performance and off-road durability.

That’s why Michelin came up with the LTX Force, which is their newest SUV / light truck tire that should work best on all terrains. And they did this by combining the best of Michelin’s on- and off-road technologies into a single piece of rubber.

Michelin LTX Force

Its on-road abilities are attributed to several innovations. CompacTread Technology gives it longer tire life and shorter braking distances. BevelTread Technology lessens road noise. CushionGuard Technology, on the other hand, absorbs road imperfections to smoothen the ride.

As for its off-road credentials, the Michelin LTX Force has an Extended Sidewall Biting Edge that makes the sidewall cut/chip resistant. Shoulder Design is also deep and open to improve traction on the rough stuff. They then borrowed RallyForce rubber compound from the World Rally Championship (WRC) for wear resistance.

What they ended up with is a tire that’s suitable for every surface be it asphalt, concrete, gravel, sand, and mud.

Michelin LTX Force

“Our target drivers are people whose lifestyle, location, or profession demand driving on- and off-road, and need the best experience on both type of terrain. The launch of Michelin LTX Force reinforces our commitment not only to fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers with multiple exceptional performances, but also to respond to ever-changing market conditions in order to remain at the forefront of the industry,” said Michael Nunag, Chief Representative of Michelin Philippines.

Michelin LTX Force will available in authorized Michelin dealers nationwide. Sizes fit rims from 15 to 18 inches for pickups, SUVs, and crossovers.