Newly-established PWSP now offers warranty for 2nd hand cars in the Philippines


A new company from the land of the rising sun has a bold mission. They want to transform the car buying experience in the country and plan do to this by offering both inspection and warranty services for 2nd hand cars. Yes, starting this year you can now buy a used car with warranty coverage from Premium Warranty Services Philippines, Inc. (PWSPI).

The problem they want to address is the lack of transparency and security that’s associated with the used car marketplace, not helped by the fact that vehicles are commonly sold on an “as-is where-is” basis. Their answer to that is inspection and warranty that’s designed to give buyers confidence and peace-of-mind, which was only enjoyed previously by those who buy brand new. It’s also meant to defeat dodgy dealers who give 2nd hand cars a bad name.

First step is the company offers an extensive 188-point inspection on any used vehicle in the market. With the help of trained technicians, PWSPI painstakingly goes through the engine, body & frame, undercarriage, interior, and exterior to find any faults or defects. The report provides the necessary information to remove guesswork and minimize risk, so customers can purchase with confidence.

Eligible vehicles (those that pass inspection) can then be covered by PWSPI with either a 1-year or 2-year warranty. What this means is that in case there are hidden faults, defects, or sudden breakdowns, owners can claim for warranty and have their vehicle repaired at no cost. Although PWSPI doesn’t have any service shops of their own, they do have an accredited repair shop network nationwide.

“Premium Warranty Services Philippines aims to radically change the purchasing and ownership experience of pre-owned car buyers – for a very wide range of car brands in the country, said PWSPI Chairman Vince Socco. “Through our inspection and warranty services, we empower customers by assuring them of the quality of the used vehicles they are purchasing for a worry-free car ownership. PWSPI also helps used car sellers to build a stronger relationship with their buyers and provide better value on the vehicles that they are selling.”

Mind you, PWSPI is backed by heavy hitters in the industry. It’s a joint venture between GT Mobility Ventures, Inc. (GTMV), itself a partnership between GT Capital Automotive Dealership Holdings, Inc. (GTCAD) and Mitsui & Co, Japan, and Premium Group Co. Ltd., Japan’s #1 automotive warranty provider. That means they’re here to stay.

Through their inspection and warranty services, PWSPI aims to deliver worry-free vehicle ownership and change the way Filipinos perceive the 2nd car market. This is in line with its principle of Transparency, Quality and Value in every product and service.

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