Prestone Ph now has its own line of gasoline and diesel Motor Oils

Prestone Motor Oil

Best known for their brake fluids, coolants, and additives, Prestone Philippines is entering a new market this year. They now have their own line of engine oils aptly named G-TECH (gasoline) and D-TECH (diesel), available in 1L and 4L sizes.

G-TECH comes in 3 viscosities: 5W40, 10W40, and 15W40.

Prestone G-TECH Synblend (5W40) is a synthetic oil that features the latest automotive technology, delivering API SN performance with improved fuel efficiency and engine cleanliness. It also protects engine components for better wear protection.

Prestone G-TECH Advance (10W40), on the other hand, is a mineral/synthetic blend designed for the latest gasoline, CNG, and LPG-powered 4-stroke engines. It is blended with a hydrocracked base oil and a core additive package, delivering smooth engine performance with low oil consumption for both normally aspirated and turbocharged engines. G-TECH Advance also offers outstanding wear protection, improves piston cleanliness, and increases engine sludge protection.

As for Prestone G-TECH Fully Synthetic (15W40), it features all-synthetic components including a rigorously-tested additive package to deliver sustained engine protection and better performance. The oil also allows for extended drain intervals, meets API SN standard, and offers high operating temperature protection for turbocharged engines.

Then there’s D-TECH that’s available in 2 varieties.

Prestone D-TECH 500 SynBlend (5W40) is a super High Performance Diesel (SHPD) synthetic blend that provides ultimate protection and performance for both old and new diesel engines. It minimizes oil consumption, maximizes drain interval, neutralizes acids in high sulfur fuel, and suitable for the latest engines equipped with EGR.

Those who require a heavy duty diesel engine oil can opt for Prestone D-TECH 500 Fully Synthetic (5W40). It meets API, CI-4, ACEA E7, MB 228.3, and the stringent Global DHD-1 specifications and may be used in the latest low-emission engines fitted with diesel particulate filters.

Note that all Prestone Motor Oils are made in an ISO-certified plant in Singapore. It’s blended from very high Base VI oils and carries the American Petroleum Institute (API) Donut as a symbol of its certified quality mark.