Snickers is making free car license plates … because LTO can’t

Snickers Don't Drive Hungy

Thanks to the wonderful people at the Land Transportation Office (LTO), most of us still have don’t have plates for our new cars. But since no one in the government seems to be doing anything about it, a chocolate company of all things decided to step in and help out.

On April 23, Snickers will be giving away FREE temporary license plates to new car owners as part of their “Don’t Drive Hungry” initiative. All you have to do is visit, fill in your personal details, and upload a photo of your car’s conduction sticker. They’ll then send a confirmation e-mail so you can claim your beautifully-printed license plate at the Capitol Commons Carpark in Pasig City this Saturday.

If that’s too much trouble, you can just show up at the event with your car’s OR/CR from the LTO and they’ll print you a license plate on the spot.

Please do note that the license plates Snickers are giving away are only T-E-M-P-O-R-A-R-Y. You’ll still have to wait for the LTO to issue you an official one, but who knows when that’ll happen. Also, it’s only applicable for brand new cars who have yet to be issued a plate number.

Snickers’ “Don’t Drive Hungry” program is a road safety initiative that reminds drivers not to let themselves get hungry while they’re on the road. Long hours spent in traffic can lead to hunger, which can negatively affect the mood of a driver and the quality of driving.

For more details on Snickers’ Don’t Drive Hungry initiative, visit the Snickers Philippines Facebook page.