Toyota offers a ‘bonus’ to anyone who refers a friend to buy a Vios

Toyota Referral Rewards

Want to score some free GCs? You can if you own a Toyota. All you have to do is find a friend, acquaintance, close relative, or whoever you know, ideally someone who’s looking into buying a brand new car and with money, and convince them into buying a brand new Vios. For your effort and brand loyalty, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) will then cough up a hefty reward worth P8,000 which you can blow on a shopping spree.

Believe us. This is a legit offer.

Toyota’s Referral Rewards program is letting existing Toyota owners get P5,000 worth of gift certificates PER SUCCESSFUL REFERRAL. That means you can refer as many buyers as you want. TMP will even up the ante by giving another P3,000 if the purchase was made through Toyota Financial Services (TFS).

To qualify, remember that your Toyota just needs to be purchased brand new from any Toyota dealership and must be invoiced under your name. You then have to visit any of Toyota’s 69 dealerships nationwide to register the name of your “friend” who’s going to buy a Vios.

Once the said friend gets their brand new Vios, you’ll be notified via e-mail or SMS and the GCs will be delivered to your address via courier.

Sound good? Great.

Toyota’s Referral Rewards promo runs until July 31, 2019 only so better start calling up those friends. For more info, visit