Turtle Wax Philippines adds next generation ICE® Premium to car care lineup

Turtle Wax ICE

Here’s an easy way to keep your car cleaner, longer. Wilstark Marketing Corp., who happens to be the official distributor of Turtle Wax in the Philippines, wants you to check out their next generation ICE® Premium Car Care.

Introduced in 2006, ICE® is Turtle Wax’s best lineup to date and will give your car a new hard-shell finish. What’s good about it is that, unlike other wax formulas, it can be applied in direct sunlight and leave no powdery residue. This cuts waxing time in half, perfect for those who want to keep their car looking new with limited effort.

But Turtle Wax didn’t simply stop with waxes. Featuring new innovative formulas, the next generation ICE® line has expanded to include a Car Wash, Spray Detailer, and Total Interior Care.

“We are excited to re-introduce this revolutionary product that has taken the international car care market by storm,” said Ara Dacay, Wilstark Marketing Corp. Senior VP. “It is our best wax to date, in terms of shine and protection. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries by constantly making innovative products that make life easier for Filipinos. We’re thinking of smarter ways to shine.”

Turtle Wax ICE® Wax | Turtle Wax ICE® Wax now come in liquid, spray, and paste formulas. It delivers a long-lasting shine that repels dirt to keep your car cleaner, longer with that freshly waxed appearance. Their secret is that it utilizes the latest in wax chemistry with polymer surface modifiers that provides the deepest shine available with unparalleled slickness versus its competitors. Turtle Wax ICE® Wax can be used on all car exterior surfaces, including rubber, vinyl, and trim.

Turtle Wax ICE® Wash | The ultimate in car washing performance, Turtle Wax ICE® Wash has a breakthrough blend of advanced cleaners and conditioners that easily breaks down and removes dirt. It’s safe and gentle to even the most delicate car finishes without stripping wax. It also contains special gloss enhancing agents to help maintain your car’s fresh waxed look.

Turtle Wax ICE® Detailer | Turtle Wax ICE® Detailer not only keeps your car looking super slick, but also boost its shine to a mirror-like gloss. The spray-on formula gently cleans while depositing water-beading polymers, making it perfect for quick touch-ups and keep your showroom shine. Turtle Wax ICE® Detailer is also formulated to work with Turtle Wax® Liquid Wax to revitalize its durability and protect your paint from the harshness of the road.

Turtle Wax® ICE® Total Interior Care | As for car interiors, Turtle Wax® ICE® Total Interior Care is an all-in-one product that cleans and protects plastic, soft vinyl, and leather interiors from spots and stains. It also applies a protective barrier to keep your interior cleaner, longer and from fading, drying, or cracking due to harmful UV rays. Plus, it won’t leave behind an artificial shine or greasy feel and removes unpleasant odors. Instead of using several products such as a carpet cleaner, upholstery cleaner, and protectant, ICE® Total Interior Care does all that.

Turtle Wax’s next generation ICE® Premium Car Care products are now available in select mall retail and automotive outlets in the Philippines.

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