Uber adds ‘SafetyNet’ feature to make your trips safer


The whole idea behind Uber’s technology is to provide a more reliable, more cost-effective, and more secure means of getting from point A to B… as compared to a taxi that is. And in pursuit of better customer experience, Uber has introduced a new feature to make trips a bit safer.

Known as ‘SaftetyNet’, this lets a rider send up to 5 contacts info about their trip such as travel route, estimated time of arrival, driver’s first name, and vehicle information. They can do so with only a few clicks in Uber’s mobile app. As an added bonus, the system doesn’t rely on a rider’s mobile or data plan. The SMS notifications is sent via Uber’s own server, making it extra-reliable and free-of-charge.

This is a very welcome feature to come from Uber, knowing that their riders already do this on a regular basis, except on a more manual approach. We know, because our sisters, girlfriends, or wives text us their uber (or taxi) details all the time.

We’re not saying that something bad is going to happen, but it’s just nice to know that your loved ones are informed all the time and in case shit happens.

‘SafetyNet’ is an expansion of Uber’s ‘ShareMyETA’ feature and is now available to riders in Metro Manila and Cebu.

Uber SafetyNet