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  • May 23, 2018

INFOGRAPHIC: Which of the world’s top car companies owns what (2018 edition)

Much like a corporate version of Tinder, car companies oftentimes hook up, part ways, and sometimes hook up again. #swiperight That’s why, since the...

By Time Attack Manila
Ford Fuel Efficient Infographic
  • December 11, 2016

INFOGRAPHIC: Ford lists fuel-saving hacks we didn’t really know

According to a survey commissioned by the Ford Motor Company, 94% of Filipino drivers think they know how to drive fuel efficiently. Heck, 98%...

By Time Attack Manila
Ford Fuel Efficiency Survey
  • August 24, 2016

INFOGRAPHIC: Ford surveys how Fuel Efficiency influence Filipino car buyers

Until humans find an alternative to fossil fuels, we’ll continue to drive gas-guzzlers and run the world’s oil wells dry. That’s why the Ford...

By Time Attack Manila
Le Mans Winners
  • June 17, 2016

Infographic draws every 24 Hours of Le Mans winner since 1923

The 24 Hours of Le Mans (or 24 Heures du Mans in French) is oldest sports car endurance race in the world. The very...

By Time Attack Manila
Ford Commute Infographic
  • May 16, 2016

Ford’s survey show 30% of Filipinos see commuting as ‘worst part of the day’

Those not part of the 1% knows exactly how bad it is to commute in the Philippines. We’re not just talking about those who...

By Christopher Kho
AutoDeal Q1 2016
  • April 5, 2016

AutoDeal grows to be the #1 new car marketplace in the Philippines

In case you haven’t heard of them, AutoDeal.com.ph is an online car shopping website in the Philippines. They’ve been around since mid-2014 and based...

By Time Attack Manila
Delo 80 Years
  • August 25, 2015

INFOGRAPHIC: Chevron illustrates Delo’s 80 year engine oil history

Delo, which is Chevron’s brand of engine oils, lubricants, and coolants, apparently stands for Diesel Engine Lubricating Oil and has been around since 1935....

By Time Attack Manila
Which of the world's top 14 automakers owns what
  • May 18, 2015

INFOGRAPHIC: Which of the world’s top 14 automakers owns what

In today’s highly consolidated industry, pretty much every single car brand is somehow to related to another. And it gets very confusing very quickly....

By Time Attack Manila
Ford EcoBoost Infographic
  • January 6, 2015

This GIF explains tech behind Ford’s EcoBoost engine

EcoBoost. It’s the new-ish engine technology that powers some of the Fords we have today, such as the Fiesta, Explorer, and soon-to-arrive 2015 Mustang....

By Time Attack Manila
Scientific proof that race car drivers are athletes
  • October 30, 2014

INFOGRAPHIC: Scientific proof that race car drivers are athletes

You might think that all a race car driver does is sit behind the wheel, mash on some pedals, and change gears. Well, it’s...

By Time Attack Manila