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  • March 11, 2022

STI Wheel Simulator lets you check which rims look best on your Subaru

As far as modifications go, one of the first things that usually get an aftermarket swap are the wheels. Whether you opt to go...

By Time Attack Manila
Nürburgring 24 Hours
  • June 28, 2019

8 laps split GR Supra and WRX STI at Nürburgring 24 Hr finish

The hot topic in this year’s Nürburgring 24 Hours was how the #991 Manthey Racing Porsche GT3 R utterly dominated the legendary German endurance...

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Subaru Crosstrek Desert Racer
  • June 11, 2019

Subaru is racing a ‘Crosstrek’ across the desert in the Baja 500

There’s a Subaru that’s competing in this year’s Baja 500. Entered by Grabowski Brothers Racing, the ‘Subaru Crosstrek Desert Racer’ is a purpose-built, lightweight...

By Josh Edillon
Nurburgring 24 Hours
  • February 15, 2019

Subaru WRX STI to face off Toyota Supra A90 in Nürburgring 24 Hr

There’s an epic battle brewing for the upcoming 47th Nürburgring 24 Hours this June. And no, it’s not between the usual suspects Audi, BMW,...

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Motul Subaru
  • January 28, 2019

Motul now supplies bespoke lubricant blends for Subaru Motor Image

At last, Motul and Motor Image have finally inked a deal. Under the new partnership, the French lubricant specialist will develop and supply a...

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Subaru Livery
  • January 17, 2019

Subaru Motorsports revives retro blue-and-gold livery for rallying

Although they’re no longer in the WRC, you really can’t take rallying out of Subaru. Its North American arm, Subaru Rally Team USA, has...

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Subaru Palm Challenge
  • September 13, 2018

Win a trip to SG and a car by doing nothing at the Subaru Palm Challenge

Want to win an all-expense paid trip to Singapore and a brand new car by doing absolutely nothing? Really, we’re serious. All you have...

By Time Attack Manila
Subaru Nurburgring
  • May 21, 2018

Subaru WRX STI barely survives Nürburgring 24 Hrs to take 5th SP3T Class win

To put it lightly, last year’s Nürburgring 24 Hours was a disappointment for Subaru Tecnica International (STI). Their WRX STI NBR Challenge went up...

By Christopher Kho
Subaru WRX STI S208
  • October 27, 2017

The S208 is a limited-edition Subaru WRX STI that we can’t have

Subaru really does know how to tease. They’ve built the most-desirable WRX STI possible, fitted it with the rarest parts you can find, limited...

By Time Attack Manila
Subaru Palm Challenge
  • August 29, 2017

Here’s how to register for the Subaru Palm Challenge 2017

What if we tell you that, you can win a brand new Subaru simply by placing you hand on a car, keeping it there...

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