This is a list of the Top 100 Lap Times recorded on the Clark International Speedway (CIS) 4.189 km full track. All entries are purely for 4-wheeled-vehicles, logged using a track-provided timing system, during an official event. Personal lap timers and private tests are not allowed.

Submission and Updating of Lap Times
For 2017, only lap times set during an event of the FlatOut Race Series (FORS) or Philippine Endurance Challenge (PEC) are eligible. Qualifying, Time Attack, Grid Race, as well as Breakout times are acceptable provided that a copy of the timing sheet or official result is submitted as proof. All rounds from 2015 onwards are eligible for the Top 100 ranking.

Only the driver and/or team who set the lap are allowed submit entries.

Information required are A) Driver Name, B) Vehicle Make and Model, C) Team Name, D) Tire Make and Model, E) Date Lap Was Set, and F) Best Lap Time. Indicate if the lap was set in dry, damp or, wet conditions. This must be submitted together with the Timing Sheet to with the subject ‘Clark International Speedway Full Top 100 Lap Times’.

All entries will then be verified by Time Attack Manila and FlatOut Race Series.

Top 100 Lap Times are updated once per month. If a driver, in the same vehicle, sets a faster lap than his or her previous best, only the new record will remain on the list.

DriverVehicle / TeamTireDateBest Lap
1Presley MartonoFormula 4 SEAHankook Ventus SlicksOct 15, 20161:54.412
2Ben GrimesFormula 4 SEAHankook Ventus SlicksOct 20, 20171:55.402
3Vincent FloirendoFerrari 458 Challenge EvoluzionePirelli P Zero Racing SlicksOct 22, 20161:59.455
4Daim HishammudinCaterham 420RHankook Z209Oct 21, 20172:02.525
5Luis GonoLotus Exige V6 CupHoosier R8Jul 1, 20172:03.441
6Enzo PastorAsian V8 Stock CarHoosier Racing SlicksApr 5, 20142:05.126
7Lance BinamiraToyota Corolla / BPS RacingHankook Z214 Semi SlicksJul 1, 20172:09.053
8Eggy OngHonda Civic FD / Forced SpeedYokohama ADVAN A050Jul 1, 20172:09.907
9Eduardo SuizaHonda Civic EG / Staging Lanes x W-AutosportsGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:10.212
10Rafael la O'Honda Civic EKGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:11.216
11Tyson SyCaterham SupersportHankook Z222Oct 21, 20172:14.584
12Dominique BonHonda Civic EKGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:16.343
13Jun CabreraHonda Civic EK / MR AutoGT Radial SX2Aug 1, 20152:16.446
14Victoriano Edillon JrHonda Civic EGGT Radial SX2Oct 10, 20152:16.462
15Andrew De AsisHonda Civic EG / Blanche RacingGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:16.569
16Jero ConsingHonda Civic EG / Team BacolodYokohama ADVAN AD08Jul 1, 20172:16.765
17Nicolo FernandezHonda Civic EG / Forced SpeedGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:16.847
18Christopher CoToyota 86GT Radial SX2May 9, 20152:19.973
19Paul SantosMitsubishi Evolution 6GT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:20.373
20Kikong Dela RamaHonda Civic EG / Team BacolodYokohama ADVAN AD08Jul 1, 20172:21.151
21Francis Roger TelanHonda Civic EKAchilles 123SJul 1, 20172:21.310
22Dax SantianoHonda Civic EKGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:21.969
23Bubi CamusMazda MX-5GT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:22.024
24Jack SaquilayanToyota CorollaGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:22.547
25Don DrewHonda Civic EG / SmartfuelsGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:22.910
26Kathy VillarHonda Civic EGGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:22.916
27Polo BautistaHonda Civic EKAchilles 123SJul 1, 20172:23.422
28Peewee MendiolaHonda Civic EKGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:23.991
29Raymond De PanoToyota CorollaGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:24.795
30Greg SuingToyota CorollaGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:26.203
31Paolo SantosHonda Civic EKGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:26.692
32Ronn CatindigHonda Civic EK / Carmudi x BREGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:27.403
33Bernard Michael SantosHonda Civic EGGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:27.824
34Julian DiegoHonda Civic EG / Carmudi x BREGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:27.972
35Michael Angelo TuringToyota CorollaGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:28.453
36Ryan AblangHonda Civic EGFederal 595 RS-RJul 1, 20172:28.605
37Abet ReyesHonda Civic EPGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:30.740
38Mark MacasToyota CorollaGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:32.229
39Francisco BlancoToyota Corolla / Carmudi x BREGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:32.608
40Mars OcampoToyota YarisGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:33.726
41Steve TraversToyota YarisGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:35.317
42Lars AlonzoToyota CorollaGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:35.380
43Mark CastroToyota CorollaGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:36.296
44Robert TanToyota Yaris / Grupo Toyota x SB SalonGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:38.112
45Mark PascualBYD F-ZeroGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:40.499
46Miguel NarcisoHonda Civic EGGT Radial SX2Jul 1, 20172:53.273