Audi creates free-to-download Coloring Book to help you through the ‘lockdown’

Audi Coloring Book

Who would have thought that staying at home could be so difficult? Thankfully, the people over at Audi Collection has shared a Coloring Book online, so we have something to keep us (or the kids) busy before we lose our minds during this COVID-19 ‘lockdown’.

The Audi Collection Coloring Book comes with 13 coloring pages that feature both new and historic Audi models. While several sheets are reserved for the Audi R8 (not that we’re complaining), you’ll find an Quattro rally car in there as well as an Auto Union Type C race car. They even sneaked in a 1919 Slaby-Beringer Elektrowagen and what we believe is a 1935 Horch 853 Sport Cabriolet, both of which are significant models in Audi’s history.

Although not as thrilling, there’s also an Audi A6 and Q7 in between the pages.

Now available free-to-download thru this link ‘Audi Collection Coloring Book’, you can either print the PDF files at home (assuming that you have a printer and coloring materials) or paint them digitally on your device.

Audi Coloring Book