Petron explains exactly which of their fuel does what

Petron Fuels

The largest fuel company in the Philippines, Petron, also has one of the biggest line-ups. 7 types of fuel to be exact (4 gasoline, 2 diesel, and 1 LPG) – all locally formulated to meet world-class standards. But do you really know which fuel is right for your car?

These guys have more than 80 years of experience serving the specific fuel needs of the country. That means Petron fully understands the Philippines’ driving conditions and constantly formulate fuels to suit our roads; delivering optimum efficiency for every type of vehicle.

But instead of experimenting on every single one, Petron made this guide so you’d know exactly which fuel to fill up for your sports car, sedan, pick up, truck, or motorcycle.

PETRON Blaze 100 Euro 6 | This is the only Euro 6 compliant fuel with 100-octane rating in the country. That means it delivers powerful performance, while meeting stringent emission standards. It has 80% less sulfur and best suited for high performance vehicles.

PETRON XCS | What they call a ‘Complete Combustion System’ is a 95-octane high-quality premium gasoline. It has an additive that’s formulated for quicker engine response, excellent engine protection, and optimum fuel efficiency.

PETRON Xtra Advance | Keep in mind that this is the fuel that goes the ‘Xtra Mile’ that cleans your engine and is proven to make it more efficient. This is a regular grade 93-octane gasoline that’s recommended for all types of gasoline vehicles.

PETRON Super Xtra | ‘Super’ because it’s super cheap – perfect for those on a tight budget. Still, this 91-octane fuel has multifunctional detergent additives that cleans harmful engine deposits and protects the fuel system from corrosion.

PETRON Turbo Diesel | This high performance diesel is formulated to extract the maximum performance of today’s modern engines, which includes fancy CRDi tech. Not only does it cleans the fuel injection system, but also delivers optimum performance.

PETRON Diesel Max | Designed to provide improved fuel economy and reduced emissions, it also cleans the fuel injection system through its detergency characteristics.

PETRON Xtend AutoLPG | For those who have equipped their vehicles with an AutoLPG conversion kit, this alternative fuel helps reduce fuel and maintenance costs, with cleaner exhaust emissions.

We’re hoping that this simple guide helps you chose which Petron fuel to fill-up on when you visit any of their 2,000+ stations nationwide. Also don’t forget to get yourself a Petron Value Card to redeem points and score discounts at partner establishments.

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