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Mazda 100th Anniversary
  • September 18, 2020

100th Anniversary Ed. of Mazda 3 and MX-5 limited to just 29 units for Ph

Mazda is celebrating their centenary this year. And to commemorate the historic milestone, they’re building special 100th Anniversary Editions of key models in their...

By Time Attack Manila
Miata Spec Series
  • April 8, 2020

How to make an MX-5 ND fit for racing duty in the Miata Spec Series

What if we told you that the perfect sports car does exist, one that you can drive daily on weekdays and race on track...

By Time Attack Manila
  • February 22, 2019

Mazda is cooking up an MX-5 one-make race for the Philippines

The secret’s out! Someone, somewhere is putting together a local Mazda MX-5 one-make series. It’s said to be based around the latest ND2 model,...

By Time Attack Manila
Global MX-5 Cup
  • November 24, 2017

Mazda considers bringing the Global MX-5 Cup to the Philippines

There’s no denying that Mazda Philippines has a deep passion for motorsports. They supported Michele Bumgarner when she raced in the Pro Mazda Championship...

By Christopher Kho
Mazda Miata Cup
  • May 30, 2017

Mazda Miata Cup now on its 9th year racing the world’s best-selling roadster

Organized and run by the Miata Club Philippines (MCP), the Mazda Miata Cup serves as the perfect venue for MX-5 owners to fully enjoy...

By Time Attack Manila
MX5 Cup Car Hardtop
  • March 24, 2017

Mazda now offers a hardtop for the MX-5, exclusive for Cup Cars only

If you wanted a 4th gen MX-5 Miata a few months ago, you would have had 2 roof choices from Mazda. There’s the standard...

By Christopher Kho
Tamiya Mazda 2 MX5
  • January 8, 2017

Tamiya made a Mazda 2 and MX-5 1/10 scale RC that you can drive anywhere

Over the last few decades, Mazda has built some of best driver’s cars in the world. They call this the ‘Jinba Ittai’ experience where...

By Christopher Kho
Mazda MX-5 RF
  • August 24, 2016

Mazda really is building the MX-5 RF ‘limited’ to 1,000 units only

We honestly thought that the MX-5 RF (short for ‘Retractable Fastback’) was merely a design exercise when Mazda showed it to the public earlier...

By Christopher Kho
MX5 Cup
  • June 2, 2016

Mazda gets their inaugural Global MX-5 Cup going at Laguna Seca

Every low-cost, lightweight, and fun-to-drive sport scar ever built deserves its own one-make-race, such as the 4th generation MX-5. Mazda’s answer to that is...

By Christopher Kho
Mazda MX5 RF
  • March 24, 2016

Mazda’s new MX-5 RF gets a retractable targa hardtop

When Mazda developed the 4th gen MX-5, it had to be the ultimate lightweight sports car offering a pure driving experience. And you can’t...

By Christopher Kho